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Southern Cascade Range, Oregon Hiking Trails

1. Acker Divide Trail Douglas County
2. Alco Trail Jackson County
3. Alta Lake Trail Klamath County
4. Anderson Mountain Trail Douglas County
5. Angel Meadow Trail Siskiyou County
6. Bear Creek Trail Klamath County
7. Beaver Meadows Trail Douglas County
8. Bessie Rock Trail Jackson County
9. Bieberstedt Trail Jackson County
10. Big Nasty Trail Siskiyou County
11. Billick Burn Trail Douglas County
12. Black Rock Trail Douglas County
13. Blue Canyon Trail Klamath County
14. Blue Rock Trail Klamath County
15. Boulder Spring Trail Lake County
16. Brown Mountain Trail Klamath County
17. Brownie Creek Trail Douglas County
18. Buck Canyon Trail Douglas County
19. Buck Fork Trail Douglas County
20. Buck Point Trail Jackson County
There has been logging in the area, the roads are ...

21. Bunchgrass Trail Siskiyou County
22. Bunchgrass Trail Shasta County
23. Burnt Camp Trail Siskiyou County
24. Bybee Meadow Trail Klamath County
25. Cascade Divide Trail Klamath County
26. Castle Creek Trail Klamath County
27. Cat Hill Way Jackson County
28. Chaos Crags Trail Shasta County
29. Chicago Trail Jackson County
30. Childs Meadows Trail Tehama County
31. Coal Mine Trail Shasta County
32. Cold Spring Trail Jackson County
33. Cold Spring Trail Klamath County
34. Cone Point Trail Shasta County
35. Copeland Creek Trail Jackson County
36. Crater Peak Trail Klamath County
37. Crater Trail Jackson County
38. Creek Trail Shasta County
39. Curl Ridge Jeep Trail Shasta County
40. Cypress Camp Trail Shasta County
41. Dead End Trail Jackson County
42. Dead Soldier Trail Jackson County
43. Dry Creek Trail Klamath County
44. Dutton Creek Trail Klamath County
45. Emigrant Trail Modoc County
46. Emigrant Trail Shasta County
47. Falls Trail Shasta County
48. Fawn Camp Trail Douglas County
49. Fish Lake Trail Douglas County
50. Flat Creek Trail Jackson County
51. Four Mile Lake Trail Klamath County
52. Freezeout Trail Douglas County
53. Frenchman Camp Trail Jackson County
54. Garfield Peak Trail Klamath County
55. Gearhart Trail Klamath County
56. Gillem Bluff Trail Siskiyou County
57. Ginkgo Trail Jackson County
58. Golden Stairs Trail Jackson County
59. Goosenest Trail Siskiyou County
60. Goss Trail Jackson County
61. Greylock Mountain Trail Klamath County
62. Growler Trail Tehama County
63. Hager Trail Lake County
64. Halifax Trail Klamath County
65. Hanan Trail Lake County
66. Hanna Trail Tehama County
67. Headwaters Trail Shasta County
68. Heart Lake Twin Meadows Trail Tehama County
Twin Meadows was originally named White Meadows an...

69. Hemlock Lake Trail Klamath County
70. Jackson Creek Trail Douglas County
71. Jones Trail Lake County
72. King Spruce Trail Klamath County
73. Latour Trail Shasta County
74. Lightening Spring Trail Klamath County
75. Log Pile Trail Douglas County
76. Lost Peak Trail Klamath County
77. Lucky Camp Trail Jackson County
78. Lyons Trail Modoc County
79. Magee Trail Shasta County
80. Meadow Creek Trail Douglas County
81. Mill Creek Trail Jackson County
82. Minnehaha-Hurryon Trail Douglas County
83. Missing Link Trail Siskiyou County
84. Mosquito Fish Lake Trail Jackson County
85. Moss Creek Trail Klamath County
86. Moude Mountain Trail Klamath County
87. Mount Bailey Trail Douglas County
88. Mount McLoughlin Trail Klamath County
89. Mount Scott Trail Klamath County
90. Mountain Lakes Trail Klamath County
91. Mudjekeewis Trail Jackson County
92. Munson Valley Trail Klamath County
93. Nannie Creek Trail Klamath County
94. Nelson Flat Trail Shasta County
95. Noble Trail Shasta County
96. North and South Trail Douglas County
97. Old Emigrant Trail Shasta County
98. Parker Camp Trail Siskiyou County
99. Pelican Butte Trail Klamath County
100. Petroglyph Point Trail Modoc County
101. Rattlesnake Trail Douglas County
102. Rattlesnake Way Douglas County
103. Red Blanket Trail Jackson County
104. Red Lake Trail Klamath County
105. Rim Rock Trail Douglas County
106. Rocky Point Trail Klamath County
107. Rogue-Umpqua Divide Trail Douglas County
108. Rough and Ready Trail Shasta County
109. Rough Creek Trail Douglas County
110. Rye Spur Trail Klamath County
111. Sandstone Trail Douglas County
112. Seven Lakes Trail Jackson County
113. Sevenmile Trail Klamath County
114. South Fork Trail Klamath County
115. South Pass Lake Trail Klamath County
116. Spencer Meadow Trail Tehama County
117. Squaw Tip Trail Jackson County
118. Straight Creek Trail Douglas County
119. Sun Notch Trail Klamath County
120. Sunset Loop Shasta County
121. Tamarack Swale Trail Shasta County
122. Thielsen Creek Trail Douglas County
123. Thousand Springs Trail Jackson County
124. Three Lakes Trail Douglas County
125. Tison Trail Douglas County
126. Tom and Jerry Trail Klamath County
127. Twin Ponds Trail Klamath County
128. Umpqua Rogue Trail Douglas County
129. Union Creek Trail Jackson County
130. Union Peak Trail Klamath County
131. Varney Creek Trail Klamath County
132. Whisky Spring Trail Lake County
133. White Rock Trail Douglas County
134. Whitney Butte Trail Siskiyou County
135. Wickiup Trail Klamath County
136. Wilcox Trail Shasta County
137. Willow Creek Mountain Trail Siskiyou County

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