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Northern Sierra Nevada, California Hiking Trails

1. American Eagle Trail Placer County
2. American Eagle Trail Placer County
3. American River Trail Placer County
4. Bachs Ridge Trail Plumas County
5. Bake Oven Trail Placer County
6. Balancing Rock Self-Guided Nature Trail El Dorado County
7. Baltimore Trail Nevada County
8. Barney Riley Trail Alpine County
Heard a rumor that there was some sort of landslid...

9. Baumann Trail Placer County
10. Bayes Cabin Road Nevada County
11. Beacroft Trail Placer County
12. Bear Wallow Trail Plumas County
13. Bedbug Smith Trail Sierra County
Have lived here for 65 years and been up and down ...

14. Bee Ranch Trail Sierra County
15. Belix Trail Placer County
16. Beyers Lake Trail Nevada County
17. Big Bald Trail Butte County
18. Big Granite Trail Placer County
Can anyone help me find a 5-20 mile trail that sta...

19. Big Hill Trail El Dorado County
20. Big Spring Trail Placer County
21. Big Tree Nature Trail Placer County
22. Big Valley Trail Placer County
23. Bizz Johnson Trail Lassen County
24. Blue Lake Trail Nevada County
25. Bobs Cabin Trail El Dorado County
26. Bowman Mountain Trail Nevada County
27. Buck Ranch Motor Wax Jeep Trail Calaveras County
28. Buena Vista Trail Tehama County
29. Burnett Canyon Trail Placer County
30. Burnside Lake Trail Alpine County
31. Butcher Ranch Trail Sierra County
32. Butte Bar Trail Plumas County
33. Campbellville Trail Tehama County
34. Canyon Creek Trail Nevada County
35. Carter Creek Trail Tehama County
36. Carter Meadow Trail Tehama County
37. Charity Valley Trail Alpine County
38. Cherry Point Trail Placer County
39. China Cove Trail Nevada County
40. Chipmunk Trail Placer County
41. Claremont Trail Plumas County
42. Cleghorn Bar Trail Plumas County
43. Clydesdale Trail Placer County
44. Cockrin Trail Placer County
45. Commodore Trail Sierra County
46. Corral Valley Trail Alpine County
47. Cottonwood Botanical Trail Sierra County
48. Cottonwood Fisherman Trail Sierra County
49. Cottonwood Overlook Trail Sierra County
50. Crooked Lakes Trail Nevada County
51. Dark Canyon Trail Sierra County
52. Deer Creek Flat Trail Tehama County
53. Deer Lake Trail Sierra County
54. Deer Lake Trail Sierra County
55. Dellar Trail Placer County
56. Diggins Loop Trail Nevada County
57. Dome Trail Butte County
58. Donner Trail Sierra County
59. Downie River Trail Sierra County
60. Dry Flat Trail Sierra County
61. Dry Lakes Trail El Dorado County
62. Eagle Bird Trail Nevada County
63. Eagle Falls Trail El Dorado County
64. Edward F Dolder Nature Trail El Dorado County
65. Ellicott Trail El Dorado County
66. Emigrant Trail Alpine County
67. Empire Creek Trail Sierra County
68. Euchre Bar Trail Placer County
Euchre Bar Trail on 4/17/2010 -- Beautiful...

69. Eureka Peak Loop Trail Plumas County
70. Fiddle Creek Trail Sierra County
71. Finger Board Trail Plumas County
72. Five Lakes Creek Trail Placer County
73. Fordyce Lake Trail Nevada County
74. Forest View Trail Placer County
75. Forks House Trail Placer County
76. Forks House Trail Placer County
77. Fowler Peak Trail Plumas County
78. Galeppi Cattle Trail Plumas County
79. General Creek Trail El Dorado County
80. Glacier Lakes Trail Nevada County
81. Glacier Lakes Trail Nevada County
82. Gold Dollar Trail Placer County
83. Graham Trail Tehama County
84. Granite Chief Trail Placer County
85. Green Valley Trail Placer County
86. Grey Trail Placer County
87. Grizzly Canyon Trail Placer County
88. Grouse Creek Trail Placer County
89. Grouse Ridge Trail Nevada County
90. Halls Ranch Trail Sierra County
91. Hansons Trail Plumas County
92. Haskell Peak Trail Sierra County
93. Hawley Grade Trail El Dorado County
94. Haypress Creek Trail Sierra County
95. Heath Falls Overlook Trail Placer County
96. Highland Trail El Dorado County
97. Horse Spring Trail Placer County
98. Hot Springs Trail Alpine County
99. Humbug Trail Nevada County
100. Hunsucker Trail El Dorado County
101. Hunters Trail Placer County
102. Italian Bar Trail Placer County
103. Johnson Trail Lassen County
104. Lafayette Ridge Trail Sierra County
105. Lagoon Trail Placer County
106. Lassen Trail Tehama County
107. Last Chance Trail Placer County
108. Lawyer Trail El Dorado County
109. Lighthouse Trail El Dorado County
110. Lilliput Trail Sierra County
111. Linsey Lake Trail Nevada County
112. Little Grass Valley Trail Plumas County
113. Loch Leven Trail Placer County
My wife and I did the Loch Leven Trail hike the we...

114. Lola Montez Trail Nevada County
115. Long Canyon Trail Placer County
116. Long Point Trail Sierra County
117. Long Valley Trail Placer County
118. Loon Lake Trail El Dorado County
119. Lower Meadow Trail Placer County
120. Madora Lake Loop Trail Plumas County
121. McKinstry Trail Placer County
122. Mears Lake Valley Trail Placer County
123. Mill Creek Trail Plumas County
124. Missouri Bar Trail Nevada County
125. Moak Trail Tehama County
126. Monroe Ridge Trail El Dorado County
127. Monumental Creek Trail Placer County
128. Mosquito Trail El Dorado County
129. Mossy Pond East Trail Nevada County
130. Mossy Pond West Trail Nevada County
131. Mount Lola Trail Sierra County
132. Mount Rose Trail Washoe County
133. Mount Rose Trail Nevada County
134. Mountain House Trail Butte County
135. Mumford Bar Trail Placer County
136. Murphy Trail Tehama County
137. Nevada Point Trail El Dorado County
138. North Trail Amador County
139. Old Lassen Trail Tehama County
140. Overland Emigrant Trail Placer County
141. Painted Rock Trail Placer County
142. Palisades Creek Trail Placer County
143. Parsley Bar Trail Placer County
144. Pigeon Roost Trail Placer County
145. Pine Creek Trail Tehama County
146. Poison Hole Trail El Dorado County
147. Probable Donner Trail Nevada County
148. Ramshorn Trail Sierra County
149. Red Peak Trail El Dorado County
150. Rod Beaudry Trail El Dorado County
151. Round Lake Trail Nevada County
152. Rubicon Trail El Dorado County
153. Rubicon Trail El Dorado County
154. Sailor Flat Trail Placer County
155. Sailore Flat Trail Placer County
156. Salmon Lake Trail Placer County
157. Sawmill Creek Trail Alpine County
158. Sawmill Tom Trail Plumas County
159. Schlein Trail Placer County
160. Second Divide Trail Sierra County
161. Shanks Cove Trail Placer County
162. Sky High Trail Butte County
163. Slide Point Trail Placer County
164. South Fork Trail El Dorado County
165. South Nature Trail Amador County
166. South Yuba Trail Nevada County
167. Spaulding Lake Trail Nevada County
168. Steamboat Trail Tehama County
169. Steamboat Trail Placer County
170. Sugar Pine Point Trail Placer County
171. Sun Rock Trail El Dorado County
172. Sunshine Trail Sierra County
173. Tanners Point Trail Placer County
174. Tevis Cup Trail Placer County
175. Third Divide Trail Sierra County
176. Three Lakes Trail Plumas County
177. Transition Walk Nature Trail Alpine County
178. Turner Mountain Trail Tehama County
179. Upper Salmon Lake Trail Sierra County
180. Vikingsholm Trail El Dorado County
181. Wabena Trail Placer County
You are way off on this trail. It is steep, rugge...

182. Wallace Trail Placer County
183. Warren Lake Trail Nevada County
Recently tried to get to warren lake from the info...

184. West Shore Bike Trail El Dorado County
185. Willow Creek Trail Plumas County
186. Windmiller Trail El Dorado County
187. Woodcamp Creek Interpretive Trail Nevada County
188. Yellow Creek Trail Plumas County

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