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Northern Cascade Range, Washington Hiking Trails

1. Albert Camp Trail Okanogan County
2. Alexander Trail Snohomish County
3. American Ridge Trail Yakima County
4. Angel Pass Trail Okanogan County
5. Angry Mountain Trail Lewis County
6. Annette Lake Trail King County
7. Backbone Ridge Trail Lewis County
8. Bean Creek Trail Skamania County
9. Bear Creek Mountain Trail Yakima County
10. Bear Creek Trail Kittitas County
11. Beaver Lake Trail Okanogan County
12. Bernhardt Trail Okanogan County
13. Big Creek Trail Kittitas County
14. Big Creek Trail Lewis County
15. Big Peak Trail Yakima County
16. Bismarck Trail Yakima County
17. Black Pine Basin Trail Okanogan County
18. Blankenship Meadows Trail Yakima County
19. Blue Buck Trail Okanogan County
20. Bluff Lake Trail Lewis County
21. Bone Lake Trail King County
22. Boundary Trail Okanogan County
23. Boundary Trail Pierce County
24. Boundary Trail Lewis County
25. Brush Creek Trail Skamania County
26. Bumping Lake Trail Yakima County
27. Calamity Peak Trail Skamania County
28. Camp Creek Ridge Trail Snohomish County
29. Canyon Creek Trail Skamania County
30. Carbon Trail Pierce County
31. Cascade Crest Trail Kittitas County
32. Cascade Crest Trail Kittitas County
33. Castle Mountain Trail Pierce County
34. Cathedral Driveway Okanogan County
35. Cavanaugh-Oso Truck Trail Skagit County
36. Cedar Creek Trail Okanogan County
37. Cedar Creek Trail Skamania County
38. Cedar Flats Nature Trail Skamania County
39. Chopaka Mountain Trail Okanogan County
40. Christoff Trail King County
41. Clark Ridge Trail Okanogan County
42. Clear Fork Trail Lewis County
43. Clear Lost Trail Lewis County
44. Clearwater Trail Pierce County
45. Clutch Trail Okanogan County
46. Colchuck Trail Chelan County
47. Coldwater Trail Skamania County
48. Cooper Pass Trail Kittitas County
49. Cortright Creek Trail Lewis County
50. Cougar Valley Trail Yakima County
51. Cougar Way Skamania County
52. County Line Trail Chelan County
53. Cowlitz Trail Lewis County
54. Coxit Creek Trail Okanogan County
55. Coyote Trail Lewis County
56. Cramer Lake Trail Yakima County
57. Crow Lake Trail Yakima County
58. Dalles Ridge Trail Pierce County
59. Dark Meadows Trail Yakima County
60. Davis Mountain Trail Lewis County
61. Davis Peak Lookout Trail Kittitas County
I  hated hiking it but the things I saw were amazi...

62. Deer Creek Truck Trail Skagit County
63. Deer Park Trail Okanogan County
64. Devils Backbone Trailbike Loop Trail Chelan County
65. Dewey Lake Trail Yakima County
66. Dickey Creek Trail Kittitas County
67. Divide Camp Trail Skamania County
68. Divide Trail King County
69. Domerie Peak Trail Kittitas County
70. Driveway Butte Trail Okanogan County
71. Dry Creek Trail Lewis County
72. Duncan Hill Trail Chelan County
73. Early Winters Trail Okanogan County
74. East Bank Trail Whatcom County
75. East Crater Trail Skamania County
76. Echo Lake Truck Trail Snohomish County
fun to camp here yay no it was dump...

77. Escondido Trail Kittitas County
78. Falls Creek Trail Okanogan County
79. Falls Creek Trail Skamania County
80. Fawn Lake Trail Cowlitz County
81. Fifes Ridge Trail Yakima County
82. Finney Creek Trail Skagit County
83. Finney Peak Trail Skagit County
84. Fire Creek Trail Snohomish County
85. Fire Creek Way Snohomish County
86. Fishhook Flats Trail Kittitas County
87. Five Thousand Thirty Trail Lewis County
88. Flip-O-Way Trail Pierce County
89. Four Point Trail Okanogan County
90. Frailey Mountain Truck Trail Skagit County
91. Freezeout Trail Okanogan County
92. French Creek Trail Skamania County
93. Frost Mountain Lookout Trail Kittitas County
94. Funk Mountain Trail Okanogan County
My husband and I, along with my sister and her boy...

95. Gardner Mountain Trail King County
96. Gee Point Trail Skagit County
97. Georges Peak Trail Cowlitz County
98. Glacier Lake Trail Lewis County
99. Glacier Ridge Trail Snohomish County
100. Gnat Flat Trail Kittitas County
101. Goat Creek Trail Yakima County
102. Goat Peak Trail Okanogan County
103. Goat Peak Trail Kittitas County
104. Goat Point Trail Skamania County
105. Gold Creek Trail Kittitas County
106. Golden Stairway Trail Okanogan County
107. Goose Prairie Trail Yakima County
108. Granite Creek Trail Kittitas County
109. Granite Trail Okanogan County
110. Green Leaf Trail Skamania County
111. Greenwater Trail Pierce County
I am trying to contact Park Rangers who were in th...

112. Grey Rock Trail Yakima County
113. Hansen Creek Trail King County
114. Hicks Butte Trail Kittitas County
115. Hidden Lake Trail Skagit County
116. Highline Trail Yakima County
117. Hinkle Tinkle Trail Lewis County
118. Hogback Trail Yakima County
119. Homes Trail Skamania County
120. Horseshoe Ridge Trail Skamania County
121. Huckleberry Trail Skamania County
122. Hunters Trail Chelan County
123. Independence Pass Interpretive Trail Skamania County
124. Indian Creek Trail Lewis County
125. Ipsut Creek Trail Pierce County
126. Ironstone Mountain Trail Yakima County
127. Jack Mountain Trail Whatcom County
128. Jolly Mountain Lookout Trail Kittitas County
129. Jordan Creek Trail Lewis County
130. Jug Lake Trail Lewis County
131. Kachess Ridge Trail Kittitas County
132. Kalama River Trail Cowlitz County
133. Kaner Flat Trail Kittitas County
134. Keenan Meadows Trail Klickitat County
135. Kelly Butte Trail King County
136. Kennedy Ridge Trail Snohomish County
137. Kincaid Trail Lewis County
138. Klickitat Trail Lewis County
139. Lake Michael Trail Kittitas County
140. Lake Stuart Trail Chelan County
141. Lake Trail Lewis County
142. Lava Butte Trail Skamania County
143. Lester Trail King County
144. Lily Basin Trail Lewis County
145. Little Baldy Trail Skamania County
146. Little Creek Basin Trail Kittitas County
147. Little Huckleberry Trail Skamania County
148. Little White Salmon Trail Klickitat County
149. Little Wildcat Trail Yakima County
150. Log Creek Trail Kittitas County
151. Long Draw Trail Okanogan County
152. Long Swamp Trail Okanogan County
153. Lost Creek Ridge Trail Snohomish County
Enjoyed this hike as a two day backpack.  The trai...

154. Lost Lake Trail Pierce County
155. Lusk Creek Trail Skamania County
156. Maggie Creek Trail Pierce County
157. Manastash Lake Trail Kittitas County
158. Manastash Ridge Trail Kittitas County
159. McAllister Trail Yakima County
160. McCay Trail Okanogan County
161. Meadow Mountain Trail Snohomish County
162. Meadow Mountain Way Snohomish County
163. Middle Fork Trail King County
164. Middle Fork Trail Yakima County
165. Mill Creek Trail Whatcom County
166. Miller Peak Trail Kittitas County
The Longitude is 130 45 54 16.  And Leaven worth i...

167. Miners Creek Trail Snohomish County
168. Minnie Meadows Trail Yakima County
169. Monument Creek Trail Okanogan County
170. Moraine Trail Pierce County
171. Mount Aix Trail Yakima County
172. Mount Cliffty Trail Kittitas County
173. Mount Defiance Trail King County
174. Mount Washington Trail Skagit County
175. Muckamuck Trail Okanogan County
176. Muddy River Trail Skamania County
177. Naches Pass-Greenwater Trail King County
178. Naches Trail Kittitas County
179. Nestor Peak Trail Skamania County
180. Nile Ridge Trail Yakima County
181. North Fork Taneum Trail Kittitas County
182. North Fork Tieton Trail Yakima County
183. North Fork Toats Creek Trail Okanogan County
184. North Fork Trail Kittitas County
185. North Fork Twentymile Trail Okanogan County
186. North Fork Twentymile Trail Okanogan County
187. North Ridge Trail Kittitas County
188. North Summit Trail Okanogan County
189. North Twentymile Peak Trail Okanogan County
190. North Twentymile Trail Okanogan County
191. Northern Loop Trail Pierce County
192. Observation Peak Trail Skamania County
193. Oklahoma Trail Skamania County
194. Osborne Mountain Trail Lewis County
Osborne Mtn. Trail is written up as being in Lewis...

195. Oso Truck Trail Skagit County
196. Packwood Lake Trail Lewis County
197. Panther Creek Spur Whatcom County
198. Panther Creek Trail Whatcom County
199. Paradise Trail Skamania County
200. Park Creek Trail Chelan County
201. Paul Peak Trail Pierce County
202. Pear Butte Trail Yakima County
203. Pearrygin Trail Okanogan County
204. Pearrygin Trail Okanogan County
205. Pierce Mountain Way Whatcom County
206. Pine Creek Trail Skamania County
207. Pompey Peak Trail Lewis County
208. Pratt Lake Trail King County
209. Pretty Bird Trail Okanogan County
210. Purcell Mountain Trail Lewis County
211. Pyramid Lake Trail Whatcom County
212. Pyramid Peak Trail Kittitas County
213. Quartz Creek Trail Kittitas County
214. Rainbow Lake Trail Chelan County
215. Rattlesnake Trail Yakima County
216. Ray Trail Okanogan County
217. Red Mountain Trail Kittitas County
218. Richmond Mine Trail Yakima County
219. Ridge Trail Skamania County
It was quite easy walking this trail for me a 38 y...

220. Ridge Trail Skamania County
221. Rock Creek Trail King County
222. Rock Creek Trail Skamania County
223. Rooster Comb Trail King County
I just hiked this trail today. I thought it was g...

224. Round The Mountain Trail Skamania County
225. Saint Helens Way Skamania County
226. Sand Lake Trail Lewis County
227. Sand Ridge Trail Yakima County
The hike started out on the dry sandy rocky trail ...

228. Sarsapkin Creek Trail Okanogan County
229. Sasse Mountain Trail Kittitas County
230. Sawmill Ridge Trail King County
231. Sheep Lake Trail Lewis County
The hike is not that hard whoever said it takes 8 ...

232. Shellrock Lake Trail Yakima County
233. Shoe Lake Trail Yakima County
234. Shrew Creek Trail Okanogan County
235. Silver Creek Trail Lewis County
236. Siouxon Trail Skamania County
237. Skyline Trail Pierce County
238. Smarty Creek Trail Okanogan County
239. Smith Creek Butte Trail Skamania County
240. Smith Creek Trail Skamania County
241. Snag Creek Trail Skamania County
242. Snowshoe Butte Trail King County
243. Soda Peaks Trail Skamania County
244. Sourdough Lookout Trail Whatcom County
245. South Fork Trail Okanogan County
246. South Fork Trail Okanogan County
247. South Fork Trail Yakima County
248. South Point Trail Lewis County
249. South Twentymile Trail Okanogan County
250. Spar Tree Trail Skagit County
251. Stevenson Ridge Trail Skamania County
252. Sulphur Mountain Way Snohomish County
253. Summit Lake Trail Pierce County
254. Summit Trail Kittitas County
255. Sun Top Trail Pierce County
256. Swamp Lake Trail Yakima County
257. Table Mountain Trail Skamania County
Hi, I have tried to climb this mountain, but the t...

258. Tatoosh Trail Lewis County
259. Thirtymile Trail Okanogan County
260. Three Brothers Trail Chelan County
261. Three Peaks Trail Lewis County
262. Tieton Meadows Trail Yakima County
263. Tiffany Lake Trail Okanogan County
264. Tiger Mountain Trail King County
265. Toutle River Trail Cowlitz County
266. Tunnel Trail Okanogan County
267. Twentyeight Mile Creek Trail Pierce County
268. Twentymile Trail Okanogan County
269. Twin Sisters Trail Yakima County
270. Union Creek Trail Yakima County
271. Wagonroad Trail King County
272. Waptus Pass Trail Kittitas County
273. Washougal Trail Skamania County
274. West Fork Methow Trail Okanogan County
275. Wildcat Trail Skamania County
276. Willame Trail Lewis County
277. Windy Trail Okanogan County
278. Wonderland Trail Pierce County
279. Zig Zag Trail Skamania County

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