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Central Cascade Range, Oregon Hiking Trails

1. Alpine Ski Trail Clackamas County
2. Alpine Trail Lane County
The Alpine Trail is widely know to be a popular Mo...

3. Anderson Ridge Trail Linn County
4. Arrah Wanna Trail Clackamas County
5. Aschoff Buttes Trail Clackamas County
6. Bachelor Mountain Trail Linn County
7. Badger Creek Trail Wasco County
8. Bagby Trail Clackamas County
9. Ball Point Trail Wasco County
10. Baty Silver King Trail Clackamas County
11. Beachie Trail Marion County
12. Bear Mountain Trail Lane County
13. Beartrap Trail Douglas County
14. Beaver Creek Driveway Wasco County
15. Benson Trail Lane County
16. Big Bend Trail Multnomah County
17. Bingham Ridge Trail Linn County
18. Blair Lake Trail Lane County
19. Blazed Alder Way Trail Clackamas County
20. Blue Bucket Trail Hood River County
21. Blue Lake Camas Prairie Trail Wasco County
22. Blue Lake Trail Linn County
23. Bohemia Trail Douglas County
24. Bonanza Trail Clackamas County
25. Bonney Meadows Trail Wasco County
26. Bottle Prairie Trail Wasco County
27. Boulder Creek Trail Douglas County
28. Boulder Lake Trail Hood River County
29. Boulder Lake Way Trail Hood River County
30. Boundary Trail Clackamas County
31. Bradley Trail Douglas County
32. Bristow Trail Douglas County
33. Broken Top Trail Deschutes County
34. Browder Ridge Trail Linn County
35. Bruno Meadows Trail Linn County
36. Brush Creek Trail Jefferson County
37. Brushy Draw Way Lane County
38. Buck Creek Trail Clackamas County
39. Buck Lake Trail Clackamas County
40. Buck Meadows Trail Lane County
41. Buck Mountain Fire Break Marion County
42. Buckhead Trail Douglas County
43. Bull of the Woods Trail Clackamas County
44. Bull Run Lake Trail Multnomah County
45. Bunchgrass Trail Lane County
46. Burnt Lake Trail Clackamas County
47. BVD Trail Douglas County
48. Bypass Trail Wasco County
49. Cabin Creek Trail Lane County
50. Cabot Lake Trail Jefferson County
51. Cache Lake Trail Jefferson County
52. Cain Cabin Trail Lane County
53. Calamut Way Douglas County
54. Calapooya Trail Douglas County
55. Calapooya Way Lane County
56. Camas Prairie Trail Wasco County
57. Camp One Trail Wasco County
58. Canton Creek Trail Lane County
59. Cast Creek Trail Clackamas County
60. Chilcoot Trail Lane County
61. Chimney Peak Trail Linn County
62. China Creek Trail Lane County
63. Chitwood Trail Clackamas County
64. Cinder Prairie Way Douglas County
65. Clear Creek Way Trail Clackamas County
66. Cloverpatch Trail Lane County
67. Coffin Mountain Trail Linn County
68. Coffman Camp Trail Clackamas County
69. Cold Spring Trail Clackamas County
70. Cool Camp Trail Linn County
71. Cool Creek Trail Clackamas County
72. Cooper Spur Ski Trail Hood River County
73. Copeland Creek Trail Douglas County
74. Corral Springs Trail Clackamas County
75. Corral Swamp Trail Deschutes County
76. Cottonwood Meadows Trail Clackamas County
77. Cougar Trail Multnomah County
78. Cowhorn Trail Lane County
79. Crabtree Lake Trail Linn County
Wonderful trail...

80. Crain Prairie Trail Lane County
81. Crater Butte Trail Klamath County
82. Crescent Mountain Trail Linn County
83. Cripple Creek Trail Clackamas County
84. Crossing Way Lane County
85. Cub Creek Trail Marion County
86. Cultus Lake Trail Deschutes County
87. Cupit Mary Meadow Trail Lane County
88. Cupit Mary Trail Lane County
89. Damsite Trail Multnomah County
90. Dead Mountain Trail Lane County
91. Dealy Way Lane County
92. Deception Way Douglas County
93. Deer Butte Trail Linn County
94. Devils Canyon Trail Clackamas County
95. Devils Peak Trail Marion County
96. Diamond Peak Trail Lane County
97. Dinger Creek Trail Clackamas County
98. Dinner Ridge Way Lane County
99. Dog Prairie Trail Douglas County
100. Dog River Trail Hood River County
101. Driveway Trail Clackamas County
102. Dry Ridge Trail Clackamas County
103. Duffy Lake Trail Linn County
104. Eagle Creek Cutoff Clackamas County
105. Eagle Creek Trail Hood River County
106. Eagle Tanner Trail Hood River County
107. Eagles Rest Trail Lane County
108. East Fork Way Marion County
109. East Mountain Trail Clackamas County
110. East West Trail Wasco County
111. East Zigzag Mountain Trail Clackamas County
112. Echo Creek Trail Douglas County
113. Edison Ice Cave Trail Deschutes County
114. Elk Creek Trail Lane County
115. Elk Grove Trail Hood River County
116. Elk Lake Trail Marion County
117. Elk Meadows Trail Hood River County
118. Emile Trail Douglas County
119. Eureka Peak Trail Clackamas County
120. Fall Creek National Recreation Trail Lane County
121. Fall Creek Trail Lane County
122. Fanton Plaza Trail Clackamas County
123. Farm Trail Clackamas County
124. Fawn Lake Trail Klamath County
125. Fawn Lake Way Klamath County
126. Fifteenmile Creek Trail Wasco County
127. Fire Springs Trail Clackamas County
128. Fish Lake Trail Marion County
129. Flag Mountain Trail Clackamas County
130. Flag Point Trail Hood River County
131. Foley Ridge Trail Lane County
132. Forest Creek Trail Wasco County
133. Fox Creek Trail Marion County
134. Frailey Point Trail Wasco County
135. Francis Way Lane County
136. French Creek Trail Marion County
The French Creek Trail has been bypassed by loggin...

137. Frissell Point Trail Lane County
138. Frog Creek Trail Wasco County
139. Fuji Mountain Trail Lane County
140. Glacier Way Lane County
141. Glade Ski Trail Clackamas County
142. Gnarl Ridge Trail Hood River County
143. Gobel Creek Trail Lane County
144. Gold Hill Trail Linn County
145. Gold Lake Trail Lane County
146. Gold Point Trail Lane County
147. Goose Lake Trail Lane County
148. Gordan Peak Trail Linn County
149. Gordon Butte Trail Wasco County
150. Grass Mountain Trail Lane County
151. Grasshopper Trail Lane County
152. Grassy Ranch Trail Douglas County
153. Grave Creek Trail Douglas County
154. Green Lakes Trail Deschutes County
There are two routes to the Green Lakes.  The nort...

155. Griffis Creek Trail Clackamas County
156. Hambone Trail Clackamas County
157. Hamner Creek Way Lane County
158. Hand Lake Trail Lane County
159. Happy Prairie Way Douglas County
160. Hardesty Trail Lane County
161. Helen Creek Way Lane County
162. Herman Creek Trail Hood River County
The Herman Creek Trail was constructed for foot ac...

163. Hidden Lake Trail Clackamas County
164. High Camp Trail Clackamas County
165. High Divide Trail Lane County
166. Hills Creek Trail Lane County
167. Hiyu Trail Lane County
168. Holland Meadows Trail Lane County
169. Horse Creek Trail Lane County
170. Horse Lake Trail Lane County
171. Horse Mountain Trail Lane County
172. Horseshoe Ridge Trail Clackamas County
173. Hosmer Lake Trail Deschutes County
174. Huckleberry Mountain Trail Hood River County
175. Humbug Ridge Trail Marion County
176. Hunchback Mountain Trail Clackamas County
177. Hunter Camp Way Marion County
178. Hunter Creek Trail Clackamas County
179. Indian Creek Trail Lane County
180. Island Lake Trail Lane County
181. Island Meadow Trail Lane County
182. Janus Butte Trail Marion County
183. Jefferson Creek Trail Jefferson County
184. Jefferson Lake Trail Jefferson County
I just completed this trail with my German Shepher...

185. Jefferson Park Trail Marion County
186. Johnny Creek Nature Trail Lane County
187. Johns Mill Trail Wasco County
188. Johnson Meadows Trail Lane County
189. Johnson Trail Lane County
190. Jordan Cutoff Trail Wasco County
191. Juniper Trail Lane County
192. Kelsay Way Douglas County
193. Kitson Ridge Trail Lane County
194. Koch Mountain Trail Lane County
195. Lake Way Lane County
196. Lakeside Trail Lane County
197. Lamberson Butte Spur Trail Hood River County
198. Larison Creek Trail Lane County
199. Larson Way Trail Clackamas County
200. Lava Trail Linn County
201. Leach Camp Trail Douglas County
202. Little Badger Creek Trail Wasco County
203. Little Belknap Trail Linn County
204. Little Boulder Way Trail Wasco County
205. Little Lake Trail Jefferson County
206. Little Sandy Trail Clackamas County
207. Lookout Mountain Trail Hood River County
208. Lookout Mountain Trail Lane County
209. Lost Camp Trail Douglas County
210. Lost Lake Butte Trail Hood River County
211. Louise Creek Trail Lane County
212. Lowe Creek Trail Clackamas County
213. Lucky Lake Trail Deschutes County
214. Maiden Peak Trail Lane County
215. Maidu Lake Way Douglas County
216. Mansfield Trail Marion County
217. Marion Lake Trail Linn County
We visited marion lake in late summer and found an...

218. Martin Way Lane County
219. Maxwell Trail Linn County
220. Mayflower Trail Lane County
221. McBee Trail Lane County
222. McGowan Mountain Way Douglas County
223. McKenzie River National Recreational Trail Lane County
224. McKinley Creek Trail Lane County
225. Memaloose Trail Clackamas County
226. Michigan Heights Trail Lane County
227. Millican Crater Trail Deschutes County
228. Mink Lake Loop Trail Lane County
229. Minniece Point Trail Linn County
230. Minto Pass Trail Linn County
231. Mirror Lake Trail Deschutes County
232. Molalla Trail Clackamas County
233. Moon Lake Trail Lane County
234. Moore Creek Trail Deschutes County
235. Moraine Lake Trail Deschutes County
A (shorter) way to get to in and out of Moraine la...

236. Mother Lode Trail Marion County
237. Mott Trail Douglas County
238. Mount Ray Trail Lane County
239. Mount Wilson Trail Clackamas County
240. Mountain Meadows Trail Douglas County
241. Mud Lake Cutoff Trail Lane County
242. Mud Lake Trail Deschutes County
243. Mud Lake Trail Lane County
244. Nash Lake Trail Lane County
245. Nesmith Point Trail Multnomah County
246. Nohorn Trail Clackamas County
247. North Loop Trail Linn County
248. Obsidian Trail Lane County
249. Olallie Trail Lane County
250. Old Baldy Trail Clackamas County
251. Old Burn Way Lane County
252. Owl Cabin Way Lane County
253. Packard Creek Trail Lane County
254. Packsaddle Mountain Trail Lane County
255. Pamelia Lake Trail Linn County
256. Panther Trail Douglas County
257. Paradise Park Trail Clackamas County
258. Park Trail Lane County
259. Pass Creek Trail Douglas County
260. Patjens Lakes Trail Linn County
261. Pen Way Trail Wasco County
262. Pernot Trail Lane County
263. Perry Butte Way Douglas County
264. Pig Iron Trail Douglas County
265. Pine Creek Trail Hood River County
266. Pine Crest Trail Clackamas County

The Pine Crest Trail can no longer b...

267. Pine Ridge Trail Linn County
268. Pinnacle Ridge Trail Hood River County
269. Pinto Mountain Way Lane County
270. Pioneer Bridle Trail Clackamas County
271. Pioneer Way Lane County
272. Plaza Trail Clackamas County
273. Pocket Way Linn County
274. Portage Trail Clackamas County
275. Pot Creek Trail Clackamas County
276. Potter Mountain Trail Douglas County
277. Pretty Lake Trail Klamath County
278. Pyramid Trail Linn County
279. Pyramid Trail Lane County
280. Quinn Creek Trail Deschutes County
281. Rapidan Trail Marion County
282. Rebel Rock Trail Lane County
283. Red Butte Trail Douglas County
284. Reservation Trail Jefferson County
Unfortunately, there are no directions to the trai...

285. Reservoir Trail Multnomah County
286. Rhododendron Ridge Trail Clackamas County
287. Rimrock Trail Wasco County
288. Roaring Creek Trail Marion County
289. Roaring River Trail Clackamas County
290. Rock Creek Trail Douglas County
291. Rock Springs Trail Clackamas County
292. Rocky Butte Way Trail Wasco County
293. Rocky Point Way Lane County
294. Rocky Top Trail Marion County
295. Rodley Butte Trail Douglas County
296. Roosevelt Way Lane County
297. Round Lake Trail Marion County
298. Round Lake Trail Jefferson County
299. Saddle Trail Lane County
300. Salmon Butte Trail Clackamas County
301. Salmon Creek Trail Lane County
302. Salmon Mountain Trail Clackamas County
303. Sandy River Trail Clackamas County
304. Sawtooth Way Douglas County
305. Scar Mountain Trail Linn County
306. Scorpion Mountain Trail Marion County
307. Scorpion Ridge Trail Marion County
308. Scott Trail Deschutes County
309. Senoj Trail Lane County
310. Separation Creek Cutoff Lane County
311. Separation Creek Trail Lane County
312. Sewer Trail Multnomah County
313. Shitepoke Trail Lane County
314. Silica Trail Lane County
315. Six Lakes Trail Deschutes County
316. Skeeter Camp Trail Lane County
317. Skyline Alternate Trail Clackamas County
318. Smith Prairie Trail Linn County
319. Snow Peak Mill City Trail Linn County
Hi, are there actual driving directions to the tra...

320. Snowshoe Lake Trail Deschutes County
321. Sourgrass Trail Lane County
322. South Breitenbush Trail Marion County
323. South Fork Mountain Trail Clackamas County
324. South Fork Ridge Trail Clackamas County
325. South Fork Way Lane County
326. South Loop Cut Off Linn County
327. South Loop Trail Linn County
328. Spring Mountain Way Douglas County
329. Squaw Butte Trail Lane County
330. Staley Ridge Trail Douglas County
331. Starwano Way Lane County
332. Steamboat Trail Lane County
333. Still Creek Trail Clackamas County
334. Straight Creek Cat Trail Linn County
335. Stump Creek Trail Hood River County
336. Sugar Pine Ridge Trail Jefferson County
337. Summit Lake Trail Clackamas County
338. Summit Trail Jefferson County
339. Sunset Lake Trail Lane County
340. Swallow Lake Trail Linn County
341. Swamp Creek Hidden Meadows Trail Wasco County
342. Swamp Peak Trail Linn County
343. Swamp Way Lane County
344. Swampy Lakes Trail Deschutes County
345. Swastika Mountain Trail Lane County
346. Swift Creek Trail Lane County
347. Table Mountain Trail Multnomah County
348. Tanner Butte Trail Multnomah County
349. Tanner Cutoff Trail Multnomah County
350. Teeter Creek Loop Lane County
The trailhead is not 24 miles from Eugene/Spfd. as...

351. Thimble Mountain Trail Clackamas County
352. Thirsty Camp Trail Linn County
353. Thomas Trail Marion County
354. Three Creek Lake Trail Deschutes County
355. Three Creek Trail Linn County
356. Threemile Trail Wasco County
357. Thunder Mountain Trail Clackamas County
358. Thunder Mountain Trail Douglas County
359. Tilly Jane Trail Hood River County
360. Timberline Trail Hood River County
361. Timpanogas Way Douglas County
362. Tipsoo Trail Lane County
363. Tipsoo Trail Douglas County
364. Tire Mountain Trail Lane County
365. Tom Dick Trail Clackamas County
366. Tuckta Trail Lane County
367. Tumblebug Way Lane County
368. Turpentine Peak Trail Linn County
369. Twin Lakes Trail Marion County
370. Twin Lakes Trail Douglas County
371. Twin Meadows Trail Marion County
372. Twin Peaks Trail Lane County
373. Twins Crane Prairie Trail Deschutes County
374. Tygh Creek Trail Wasco County
375. Umbrella Falls Trail Hood River County
376. Verdun Way Lane County
377. Vista Ridge Trail Hood River County
378. Volcano Trail Linn County
I've seen the Volcano Trail on old maps but I didn...

379. Waldo Lake Trail Lane County
380. Wanderers Peak Trail Clackamas County
381. Warm Springs Meadow Trail Clackamas County
382. Water Holes Trail Lane County
383. Welcome Lakes Ridge Trail Marion County
384. Welcome Lakes Trail Marion County
We just hiked up Welcome Lakes Trail 2 days ago fr...

385. West Pass Creek Way Douglas County
386. West Zigzag Mountain Trail Clackamas County
387. Whetstone Trail Clackamas County
388. Wickiup Plain Trail Deschutes County
389. Wildcat Trail Lane County
390. Willamette Divide Trail Lane County
391. Williams Creek Trail Douglas County
That whole area burnt to the ground in 2009....

392. Wilson Cove Trail Wasco County
393. Wilson Creek Driveway Wasco County
394. Winchester Trail Lane County
395. Wind Creek Trail Clackamas County
396. Windfall Adverse Lane County
397. Windigo Way Douglas County
398. Windy Lakes Trail Klamath County
399. Windy Pass Way Douglas County
400. Winopee Lake Trail Deschutes County
401. Wolf Mountain Trail Lane County
402. Wolf Spring Trail Marion County
403. Woodpecker Trail Linn County
404. Wyeth Trail Hood River County
405. Wygant Trail Hood River County
406. Yellowjacket Trail Lane County
407. Yoran Lake Trail Klamath County
408. Zigzag Trail Hood River County

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