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Gulf Hagas Trail

  Gulf Hagas is a classic maine run, quality big clean drops, fun boogie sections, and to top it off your down in a beautiful gorge.  Gulf Hagas is run every year by kayakers; Too many to count.  Classic class IV-V whitewater.  All drops are runnable.  The only class V+ drop is wedge/Amok imo.
Says Boater

Just came off Gulf Hagas in a kayak this week. Spectacular run!
Says Josh Lawton

Llyod Pond is on the back side of the rim trail if you
    drive past the turn off for Little Lyford and park at the bridge, you walk up the trailheading east and it is less than a mile.
Says Tom

A quick correction: The gorge of the West Branch of the Pleasant river through ''Gulf
Hagas'' has been kayaked many times. It is an expert level run, but not really extreme by today's standards. The first descent was in July 1985, and it's been run every year since, generally in the springtime.
Says Bill Dallam

Corrections to previous comment: (1) Apparently a few kayakers do occasionally venture Gulf Hagas, with a mandatory take-out at Billings Falls. Still very difficult and dangerous, though. (2) Hammond Street Pitch is in Gulf Hagas,
at the lower end. (3) Ship Pond Stream is 8 miles from Gulf Hagas by air, but the driving time from Gulf Hagas is well over an hour. (4) There is a Bear Brook that enters Gulf Hagas at the head of the Gulf, but with no direct hiking trail to this brook. (5) There is an Auburn Log Hauling Road east of Silver Lake in the KI / Jo-Mary Multiple Use Forest, near Gulf Hagas. Looks like a scenic hike. (6) Maxtrails' previous reference to 'Lloyd Pond' was probably meant to be 'Long Pond'. Long Pond is close to Gulf Hagas, and is a very pristine, pretty spot. (7) Big Wilson Stream is entirely in Piscataquis County (in Greenville, Elliotsville and Willimantic). A portion is incorrectly listed below as being in Franklin County.
Says Erik Stumpfel

Boy, do you have things confused. Billings falls and Buttermilk falls are two of the waterfalls in Gulf Hagas, on the west branch of the Pleasant River. This area is class V+ whitewater, and is not run able by kayak, canoe or raft. Commercial whitewater rafting takes place on the west branch of the Penobscot River, about half an hour's drive north of Gulf Hagas. Hammond Street Pitch is on the west branch of the Penobscot; not in Gulf Hagas. Ship Pond Stream flows from Onawa Lake to Sebec Lake, and is located well south of Gulf Hagas, on the other side of the Barren-Chairback mountain range. The only Bear Brook I know of in this area flows into Kingsbury Stream, more than an hour's drive south of Gulf Hagas. I don't know where the Auburn log hauling road is, but if it is anywhere near Auburn, it is very far south of here. Lloyd Pond? Never heard of it anywhere near Gulf Hagas.
Says Erik Stumpfel



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These outdoors activities are available near Gulf Hagas Trail.
 Campgrounds Near Gulf Hagas Trail:
Coyote Rocks, Shirley Mills , 2 miles away
Carl A. Newhall Lean-to - Appalachian Trail, Shirley Mills , 2 miles away
Long Pond, Shirley Mills , 4 miles away
Cloud Pond Lean-to - Appalachian Trail, Shirley Mills , 4 miles away
Phoenix Shelter at Trout Pond, Shirley Mills , 4 miles away
 Whitewater Near Gulf Hagas Trail:
Pleasant River - West Branch, Piscataquis County , 2 miles away, Class V - 4.7 miles long (Bear Brook to Long Pond Road)
Ship Pond Stream, Piscataquis County , 8 miles away, Class I-III - 3 miles long (Cow yard Falls to Bucks Cove)
Big Wilson Stream, Piscataquis County , 9 miles away, Class II-III - 5 miles long (Bodfish Crossing to Willimantic)
Big Wilson Stream, Franklin County , 10 miles away, Class I-V(V+) - 4 miles long (Willimantic to Earley' Landing)
Roach River, Piscataquis County , 12 miles away, Class II-III - 6.5 miles long (Kokadjo to Moosehead lake)
 Hotels Near Gulf Hagas Trail:
The Brewster Inn, Dexter , 23 miles away
Bingham Motor Inn, Bingham , 43 miles away
The Young House Bed And Breakf, Millinocket , 44 miles away
The Towne Motel, Skowhegan , 44 miles away
Katahdin Inn And Suites, Millinocket , 45 miles away
 Lakes Near Gulf Hagas Trail
Sebec Lake, Piscataquis County , 11 miles away
First Roach Pond, Piscataquis County , 12 miles away
Ragged Lake, Piscataquis County , 14 miles away

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